Doctor Schar's

Eco Farm 




Our Eco Farm may be small, but, it is very productive. We have learned about how to produce food, and how to do it in a sustainable organic way. We have a number of projects going on, and, if you are interested sustainable agriculture, you should check them out. 

​Classes and Lectures


The farm is really more of a huge science project spread over 10 acres. Every corner is filled with some plant or animal project I am working on. Hybrid fruit trees, chickens that lay green eggs with pink freckles, Blue eyed cats from Thailand, and more. And, its ever changing. I have four springs on the property, reportedly those used by the "Indians" before the white man showed up on the scene. This year I want to work with aquaculture and will experiment with growing fish and water cress. Never a dull moment! 

Eco-Farming Close to the Nations Capital 

For more Information Call - +1.703-328-5109.  

​Cleaned Up Horse Barn

We offer classes and workshops on  growing and raising your own food,  fermenting, pickling, and preserving food, and health and well being in our "Horse Barn School Room"