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Toly and I got married, decided we did not want to practice medicine anymore….and needed to find something else to do. While searching for something to keep us busy, it occurred to me we could turn our 11 acre farm, located 14 miles from the Nation's Capital, into a local, organic, food production center. 

Toly is an expert in public , in particular Tuberculosis, and had lived in Moscow for 17 years. It would be fair to say, someone who never imagined living on a farm or working in a farm based business.  I am an expert in herbal medicine and botany and had spent 20 years working in natural medicine in London and DC.  In short, we were both uniquely unqualified for both farm life and or for producing food in an ecologically friendly manner. But, what we lacked in knowledge, I made up for in enthusiasm.  It has been and continues to be, a very interesting learning process. On this website, you will discover what we have learned.  


In some ways, this is the 2016 organic version of "Green Acres". Doug is very enthusiast about farming and Toly has his doubts. Serious doubts.  In case you are too young to remember "Green Acres" , its was a  television produced in the 1960's about a couple that moved from Manhattan to a farm. I, Douglas would be the American character in the sitcome, and Toly would be, well, the character with the accent.   

Our goal has become to create a ecologically friendly farm, close to a city, that produces local, natural, organic food for the metropolitan region.  Its been a bit challenging but our science backgrounds have certainly helped, and we are both ok with the trial an error of getting to where you want to go.

Here is a good example. The farm was really dark at night and this drove Toly crazy. And when I say dark, I do mean, you needed a flash light to get around once the sun had set. So we thought we would light the farm with  solar powered lights.  What we discovered was that 90% of the solar products on the market do not work. Or work when they want to work which is not the same as working. But, we kept trying different products until we found a handful of solar lights that really, really work. The farm is now lit up like a Christmas tree, Toly has stopped his complaining, and we are not drawing a volt from the power grid.  Mission accomplished.

And that is just one little example of the madness that goes on at the Eco Farm. 

What you will find on this site is a window into an Eco-Farm, our Eco-Farm, information, that you might be able to use to make your life a little more eco friendly. If nothing else, you will have a good laugh. 

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