I have always had and occasionally bred Siamese and Burmese cats. Some years ago I decided to get more involved and quickly discovered that both breeds had become terribly inbred and the cats were dying super young as a result. A normal person would have abandoned the mission. Instead, I made contact with Thailand, and started importing cats to improve the genetic health of these two breeds. I like them, I would like to see them survive into the future, and there was something I could do about it. 

The Eco Farm is rather like a agricultural research station run amuck. The cat breeding program is just one of the peculiar projects going down on the farm. 

However, it all fits together. Breeders have bred cats from Thailand so badly that the cats are no longer healthy or viable. They have chronic disease and live shortened lives. The breeds are rapidly approaching the "not sustainable" place. My work with the cats is in the aim of making these breeds sustainable. 

Anyhow, if you want to see some pretty cats, go to the cat website! I will add they are super cool cat. When Toly arrived on the scene he was less than interested in cats. That would be a polite way of saying I think he hoped they would all die. But, now that he has gotten to know them, and they have begun manipulating him, he actually says he misses them when he travels. Shocker. 

If you are really interested in cats, you might want to visit the other two sites I am involved with. 


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