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Mulberries: The Ultimate Fruit for the Self Sufficient Gardener

When I first started working on this eco farm, I planned to grow my favorite fruit. Apples. I bought a book on organic apple farming, I ordered 100 heirloom apples and planted them. After 10 years I realized that you cant grow apples organic apples in my area. A very smart horticulturalist told me as follows. "They have been spraying toxic chemicals in your valley for 100 years. The diseases and the bugs are resistant to everything. They will eat your trees and fruit alive. Pick a new species." 

When I planted my apple orchard, I had not thought about the environment in which it would exist. Mono culture for apples, which included decades of DDT and worse,  meant my apples would be going up against nuclear resistant pests of all varieties. Basically, the story that I could grow apples organically in my area, was crap.

I had the same experience with citrus in my garden in Florida. The mono-culture of citrus and the decades of toxic chemical use in commercial agriculture meant I was never going to grow an orange in Florida. I planted the orange and lemon trees and they just croaked. They were eaten by a thousand bugs and infected with a thousand diseases. If you want to grow organically, you have to select something that will grow in your area. And, a good place to start, as it turns out, is with something that has never been grown commercially in your area! 

The annoying part is that no one told me this when I was ordering heirloom apples! All that to say, I did as instructed. I chopped down the apple trees and planted a species that had never been grown commercially in my area, mulberries. 

And, boy am I happy I did. Unlike the apples, the mulberries drop thousands of pounds of fruit with no assistance from me or chemicals, there are lots of uses for the fruit, and they are super tasty. But, most importantly, we CAN grow them mulberries on our eco-farm. They do grow here. Apples don't. Mulberries do. Mulberries win. 

Check out this photo array of the mulberries on the eco farm. As you will see, they are loaded with fruit and I can promise you, they have never been sprayed with anything. 

What I did not know about mulberries is there are about 1000 different varieties available. But, after testing a whole bunch of them, and I have about 50 different types growing on the Eco Farm, the Illinois Everybearing is an excellent all purpose mulberry. The fruit is tasty and produced in big quantities. One Green World sells them. I like this company, so, if you want to give a mulberry a try, you can hit the link below.